Hello Love!

I'm so glad you're here

Are you ready to deeply, authentically, fiercely and imperfectly love yourself and your life?! You've come to the right place! 

Throughout our lives we unconsciously (or consciously) let other people, beliefs, experiences and fears drive our lives.


I help you cut that shit out, fall madly in love with yourself, and give you back your power. 

I am your cheerleader. I am your safe space. I help you get clearer and less stuck and start living the life you crave!


From Your Coach:

Hello you incredible human! I’m so glad you’re here.




Here’s the not so sexy truth…


Wouldn’t it be so wonderful for me to tell you that “if you do this this and this all of your problems will go away and  you will be happy all of the time?” 


Unfortunately, my love, that’s just not true. No one has their stuff completely together or feels happy all the time, not even Oprah! 


You can let yourself off the hook and stop bullying yourself that things don’t look and feel perfect constantly. 


Wouldn't it rock to have an awareness about how you're "in your own way", and then poof, you never experience that thing again?


Unfortunately, my love, you don't immediately heal through something just because you become aware of it.  


Your baggage sticks around. It starts out as a huge suitcase that is a pain in the butt to carry. Eventually it gets lighter and becomes a small, fashionable fanny pack. It's there, but you can still freely live your life.

This is your permission to stop shaming yourself for "getting in your own way."

So, you’re maybe thinking, “Ok, well that sucks, so then what do I do?”


That’s why I am here!


I am here to help you fall madly, deeply and endlessly in love with ALL that you are. I am here to help you gain the tools to know how to talk to yourself when you’re at your lowest, and how to fully celebrate yourself when you’re at your highest.  I am not talking about positive affirmations and telling yourself you feel something that you definitely don’t. I am talking about the opposite. 

I’m talking about loving and respecting yourself enough to STOP TRYING TO CHANGE WHERE YOU’RE AT! I’ll be the one to tell you that embracing the fear can be scary, BUT, the growth, power, confidence, and love that is waiting on the other side is priceless and delicious.  You want to really fully love your life? Embracing all that you are is the way.


Welcome to your new path! 



"I got more out of my 45 minute intro session with Courtney, than I have in 6 years of therapy"


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